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What makes us tick?

CyclistAt Grass Roots Cycling we're committed cyclists who spend much of our travel and leisure time on two wheels - on tarmac, on dirt, sometimes at the skate-park and occasionally in the air. Like most riders we love spending money on the shiny stuff* - bike bling! But we know that from time to time we have to fork out on the more prosaic things we need to keep us and our bikes going...

So we've put together a small range of some of the less-exciting cycling essentials and tried to nail down our prices as low as possible without compromising on quality. We've worked with UK specialists to formulate our own-branded bike cleaner, chain lube and degreaser, and we've sourced top quality manufacturers and distributors for stuff like tubes and functional cycle-wear. It's good stuff - but don't just take our word for it!

We're convinced that our no-nonsense products match up to the quality of the well-known brands, just without some of the marketing guff. By selling direct from our website and keeping expensive advertising to a minimum we can cut out the middleman and keep our costs right down, driving down the price you pay for the stuff you need.

We're not trying to take over the world, just to sell some decent gear for less. We'll leave total world domination to Vladimir Putin and Chain Reaction...

So go on, why not give us a try - and save your pennies for the shiny stuff!

* and when we do, we often spend our money at Superstar Components, a great company that we feel shares our 'no-nonsense good value' philosophy

Free delivery on orders over £10