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No to Bike Added Tax!

Loob:It Bottle sizeDecent stuff costs - we know that. And we're not going to try and tell you the other stuff that's out there is a rip-off because most of it isn't. By the time you've designed and developed it, made it, packaged it, freighted it, sold it and shipped it, the costs have all added up. That's before you've spent a penny on advertising and marketing it.

And yet...

Sometimes we look at stuff in bike shops and around the net and wonder why it has to be soooooo expensive! Tiny bottles of chain lube that cost a fiver or more. Padded cycling shorts for twenty or thirty quid and baggies for fifty quid plus - we could go on. Is there a tax we don't know about that gets put on cycling products - Bike Added Tax?

At Grass Roots Cycling we aim to do things a bit differently. We source great products direct from manufacturers and wholesalers, test and abuse them in the real world, and then if they make the grade we sell them direct online at the best possible prices. Wherever possible we knock the price down even further by offering multi-buy deals. It costs us less to send out several products at a time so we can pass the saving straight on to you the customer.

Free delivery on orders over £10