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BEET IT sports nutrition

BEET IT sports nutrition shots and flapjack energy bars have rapidly established themselves in the sporting world and are now firm favourites among many of the UK's sporting elite. Each 70ml shot and 60g bar contains 0.4g of natural dietary nitrate, which more and more research suggests can have a positive impact on sports perfomance.

Beet It pro-elite shots are made from concentrated beetroot juice cut with lemon juice - nothing else. Now we're not going to soft-soap you - they're made from beetroot so they taste of... beetroot. If you love beetroot then 'nuff said. Tasty, healthy and used by more and more top athletes - what's not to like! But if you're not a huge beetroot fan then consider this. The makers have squeezed extra goodness into this concentrated product - about half a litre's worth of dietary nitrate in every 70ml shot - so you don't need to drink so much to get the full benefit. And remember - nothing tastes worse than defeat...

And if that doesn't convince then hang on in there - the Beet It sport flapjack has been developed specifically to taste great! As well as being packed with natural high-nitrate beetroot concentrate, each bar has 50% oat content - an excellent source of slow-release energy.


BEET IT Sports Shot - single   £1.60
BEET IT Sports Shot - 15 box   £21.50
BEET IT Pro Bar - single   £1.50
BEET IT Pro Bar - 15 box   £20.00

Beetroot sports nutrition - really?

The guys who make Beet It are all very excited about their current and ever growing list of enthusiastic customers, who include many leading international rugby teams, Premiership football teams, UK Olympic teams, and UCI World Tour cycling teams.

Beetroot juice naturally contains high levels of dietary nitrates. Enzymes in saliva break down the dietary nitrates and our bodies convert them into nitric oxide, a naturally-occurring gas which increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and raises oxygen efficiency. The 1998 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of the important role of nitric oxide in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This explains the many health benefits and potential sports performance gains associated with beetroot juice and other products containing beetroot.

We recommend that taking one Beet It sport shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Some elite athletes suggest taking the shots on a 'loading' basis - having one shot a day for 1-2 weeks before an event.

There's more information about the research being done into the potential performance benefits of beetroot juice and dietary nitrates on the Beet It website.

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