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Bike-care bundles

BUNDLE IT to save even more! Keep your bike clean and lubed at an even keener price with our bike-care bundles.

Each bundle contains our top quality bike-care products:

  • CLEEN:IT ready to use bike cleaner, specially formulated to clean and remove dirt, grime, oily deposits and general unwanted grunge from frames, wheels, drivetrains and other components (1 litre bottle)
  • UNLOOB:IT powerful citrus-based degreaser, designed to remove heavy deposits from chains and other components (500ml bottle)
  • LOOB:IT bike chain lube to keep chains and other components running smoothly in all conditions (large 350ml bottle)

Bike-care value bundleBike-care value bundle

Our bike-care value bundle contains one each of our three top quality bike-care products to keep your bike clean, lubed and happy.

You will get:

  • 1x Cleen:It bike cleaner (litre)
  • 1x Unloob:It degreaser (500ml)
  • 1x Loob:It chain lube (350ml)
Bike-care value bundle (three items)  £13.00 (saving 11% on already low prices)

Bike-care bumper bundleBike-care bumper bundle

If you're really committed to keeping your bike spotless (and you don't live in Arizona) then our bike-care bumper bundle is for you.

You will get:

  • 3x Cleen:It bike cleaner (litre)
  • 1x Unloob:It degreaser (500ml)
  • 1x Loob:It chain lube (350ml)

Bike-care bumper bundle (five items)  £20.00 (saving 15% on already low prices)

What our (real) customers say

"Cleen:It's biggest challenge yet - half dried Brechfa cement-soil! Job done nicely."

We had great fun making up our pretend 'rider testimonals' for our products, but we do get some real feedback from real customers. Read more about what they have to say about us and our products - big thanks guys!

View our How-To Videos

Gracie the Bike Fairy demonstrates how to clean your bike!

Gracie demonstrates how to lube your chain!

Bike-care value bundle   £13.00
Bike-care bumper bundle   £20.00

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