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Cleen:It Bike Wash

CLEEN:IT ready to use bike cleaner is specially formulated to clean and remove dirt, grime, oily deposits and general unwanted grunge from frames, wheels, drivetrains and other components. Its powerful action breaks down dirt and grime fast to leave your bike looking clean and shiny.

Non-hazardous, kind to bikes and at least 90% biodegradable. Safe to use on paintwork, alloy, stainless steel, carbon, plastic, rubber and urethane components - pretty much all over your bike. Rinses off easily with water.

There are plenty of bike cleaners on the market already - who needs another one? Well, we're not claiming that this is a revolutionary new formula that will get your bike loads cleaner than all the others. And we'll avoid hurling a load of techno-babble at you about advanced nano-scale particles and whatnot. But we're not going to hide our light under a bushel either. Cleen:It is a really effective, convenient and easy to use bike cleaner at a great price. What more can we say?

Size: 1 litre (ready to use)

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CLEEN:IT - single (1 litre)   £4.50
CLEEN:IT - three pack   £12.00

Why clean your bike?

So why clean your bike anyway? It's still working isn't it - even underneath that 'protective' layer of grime? Well, in amongst the dirt and deposits that build up on your bike are fine particles of very hard sand and dust - stuff like quartz, silica and other sharp little bits of powdered rock. Mix them in with some mud, organic matter, grease and moisture and what you get is a very effective grinding paste which can literally wear your bike away! Okay, your bike's not going to disappear, but the essential components that need to move freely and precisely end up getting ground down and worn out much more quickly than they should.

Anyway, we all love a nice clean bike. And they're much easier and more pleasant to work on - try taking your dirt-caked bike to your local bike shop for servicing and see how fast that friendly mechanic's smile fades...

Directions for use

Rinse your bike with fresh water, using a hose to remove built-up deposits but avoiding blasting fork seals, bearings and suspension components (obviously). Spray with Cleen:It paying special attention to the grubbiest bits. Leave for a few minutes (but don't let the product dry on), working any really grimy bits with a brush, sponge or cloth. Then rinse off thoroughly with fresh water. Repeat if necessary for any super-stubborn grime, then dry the bike and lube where needed.

In hot conditions, work in a shady spot out of direct sunlight. Don't spray Cleen:It onto hot surfaces, and rinse off before it is allowed to dry. If in any doubt, test on a small inconspicuous area first.

We suggest not soaking disk-brake pads with it (or indeed with anything) and avoiding fork stanchions (it can run down past the seals), but it's not the end of the world if a bit goes on them.

De-grease badly gunked chains with Unloob:It citrus degreaser first and use Loob:It chain lube afterwards to keep things running smoothly.

What our (real) customers say

"Cleen:It's biggest challenge yet - half dried Brechfa cement-soil! Job done nicely."

We had great fun making up our pretend 'rider testimonals' for our products, but we do get some real feedback from real customers. Read more about what they have to say about us and our products - big thanks guys!

View our How-To Video - Gracie the Bike Fairy demonstrates how to clean your bike!

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