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Cookies usage

CookieWe value your privacy and your right not to be unnecessarily spammed, hassled, spied on or whatever. So here's some stuff you should know.

What are cookies?

OK, just in case you've spent the last 10 years living in a cave, we're not talking here about cookies of the tasty but oh-so-fattening variety. We mean the little text files that your web browser can create and leave in a special directory on your computer (or sometimes just in your computer's memory). They hold a small amount of information in text form that can be accessed by the website which set them. Wikipedia can tell you more.

Why should you care?

Cookies are not viruses or programs. They don't 'do' anything except save and store information - for example the user name you registered with a website, so that the website can greet you personally each time you revisit it. But sometimes that information might be stuff you would rather keep to yourself for whatever reason - details of your web browsing habits and so on.

Our use of cookies (or not)

This website (grassrootscycling.co.uk) does not set or access any cookies on your computer or mobile device. And we don't use any third party user-tracking services which set their own cookies on your computer or mobile device. I'm sure we should be maximising our profits by tracking the hell out of you and analysing all the data we can grab, but we're simple folk and we just can't be bothered. However, if cookies really bother you then read on a bit...

Cookies and the PayPal shopping cart

We use PayPal shopping cart, and this uses cookies in order to function. PayPal cookies are set and updated when you add something to your cart. They keep track of what you are adding to your cart, so that when it's time to check out PayPal knows what to charge you for and how much to charge you. Even if you close your browser without checking out, if you've added some items to your cart then you may see that thanks to cookies they're still there next time you view your cart. This can sometimes be helpful, but you can easily remove the items from your cart at any time if you want to.

If you want to find out more about PayPal's privacy policies and use of cookies then the information is on their website.

Of course, if you're horrified by all of this and you want to remove all cookies from your computer forthwith and/or block any cookies from being set then there are instructions for various different browsers here. But be warned - if you do block cookies then our shopping cart and PayPal in general almost certainly won't work properly. Or at all...

Shouldn't we be irritating you with one of those 'Arrrgh, cookie alert!' pop-ups?

We've got pretty fed up with seeing these things on pretty much every website we visit and we suspect you may have too. Even the Information Commissioner's Office - the UK government organisation charged with upholding privacy law - has changed their cookies policy to tone it down a bit, and they now work on the basis that most folk don't really mind that much so long as their trust isn't abused. And anyway - we're not using cookies.

* if you're from the Information Commissioner's Office then firstly, shouldn't you be working rather than buying stuff for your bike? And secondly, please be assured that we take privacy law very seriously.

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