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FAQsIf you've got a question then hopefully you'll find an answer here. If not then please feel free to contact us.

Q. Your prices seem pretty low - are your products a bit rubbish?
A. No! We're glad you like our low prices, but we achieve them by sourcing quality no-nonsense products from reputable manufacturers, then selling them online to keep our own costs low. We've tried and tested all our products and we won't sell anything that we wouldn't use ourselves

Q. Do I need a Paypal account to buy from you?
A. No. We use Paypal to handle all our payments, but you don't need your own account - you can just pay though Paypal using your credit or debit card

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A. Customer service is really important to us, so we always try to send orders out as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery, although we'll always try to get things out to you much sooner than that

Q. Why can't you offer free delivery on everything?
A. We'd really love to be able to do so, but it would probably bankrupt us. The only way we could do it would be to bump up the price of everything, and we don't want to do that. It's free if you spend £10 or more though

Q. Do you ship to the Channel Islands?
A. We're really sorry, but at the moment we don't. If you're in the Channel Islands and you're keen to buy a load of our stuff though then feel free to email us and we'll try to find you a competitive quote to send it

Q. Do you ship outside the UK?
A. We're really sorry, but at the moment we don't

Q. Can I collect my stuff instead of having it posted?
A. We're a small e-commerce-only business, not a shop. So we can't really accommodate customers who want to drop in and see us. If by any chance you ride on a Thursday night with the MTB Pigs in Swansea then by all means email us with details of what you want, and chances are you can pick it up and pay for it then. You'll probably even get a bit of a discount

Q. I've changed my mind - can I cancel my order and/or return the goods?
A. If you change your mind after ordering, please let us know as soon as possible. If we haven't yet sent out the goods we will cancel your order and issue a full refund. If you have already received the goods but you haven't used or opened them, let us know within 14 days of the day after you received them and we'll arrange for their return. You will have to cover the cost of sending the goods back to us, and we will refund the original order cost within 14 days of receiving them in good unused condition

Q. The item I ordered has arrived damaged or faulty - can I return it?
A. Of course. Email us to let us know what's happened and we'll get back to you to agree a solution and make the necessary arrangements

Q. I've ordered something and it doesn't fit - can I return it?
A. Depends. If it's a bottle of chain lube then, erm, what are you trying to fit it into?? It's probably best to stop right now... If it's clothing then by all means email us to explain what you want to return and why you want to return it, and we'll make arrangements for an exchange or refund

Q. I want to return something - who pays postage?
A. If you've received faulty or damaged goods - or goods sent out in error - and we've asked you to return them, then we'll refund your postage costs after we've received and checked the goods. Please use Royal Mail standard postage unless we ask you to do something different. If you're returning goods because they don't fit, then we ask you to cover the cost of sending them back to us, but we'll send the replacement out free of charge. And if you're returning something because you changed your mind, then once again it's up to you to cover the postage cost

Q. Is Cleen:It bike cleaner safe to use on carbon?
A. We've tested Cleen:It on a range of different materials and we've found it to be safe to use on all of them, including carbon. As with other materials, rinse it off before it dries to avoid any unsightly (but harmless) white deposits

Q. Can I dilute your bike cleaner and degreaser products with water?
A. We've formulated them to maximise their effectiveness as ready-to-use products, but you'll find they still work pretty well diluted. Cleen:It and Unloob:It should both work OK at 50:50 dilutions with water, and you can experiment with weaker mixes if you're a real cheapskate and you're not trying to clean anything too tough

Q. Can I really use Loob:It chain lube in all conditions?
A. Yep, we do and it works great for us

Q. I've been drinking Beet It shots and now my wee is pink - am I OK?
A. You're fine - beetroot does this. Or at least, if you're not fine then it's not because of the Beet It...

Q. I really like your company logo - do you do T-shirts?
A. We're not currently stocking T-shirts, but we did get a few printed with our logo on and they looked great. If you'd like one then email us with your details and if you want we can get one made for you. We'll just charge you whatever it costs us

Q. Did the people pictured on your website product pages really say those dumb things?
A. No. We made them all up. With their permission. But here are some real customer comments

Q. Will one of your bike-care value bundles really last me forever if I live in Arizona?
A. Possibly. But we don't currently ship to the US. Sorry...

Q. I am the ex-finance minister of a small East African republic - can I deposit some money in your bank account?
A. Oooo, yes please. Oh, wait - this isn't some sort of scam is it?

Q. Are you taking this FAQ page seriously?
A. Not any more, it's been a long day and we can't think of any more serious questions... If you have one though, feel free to email us. We might even put it up here

Free delivery on orders over £10