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FeedbackWe had great fun dreaming up the pretend quotes and lukewarm 'rider testimonials' for our product pages, but we're delighted to say we have some real customers who say real things - and real nice things at that - about our products and customer service.

We're really proud of all our products, and we strive to deliver excellent customer service at all times, so when someone takes the trouble to give us some positive feedback we're tickled pink (or is it just the Beet:It we've been drinking...?)

Anyway, here's a selection of some of the kind words we've received from our customers - some through our eBay channel and some directly. If you recognise your own words here, then thanks! We're really pleased that you're pleased!

"I am totally won over by this stuff, great value, fast delivery, high quality" (Loob:It chain lube)

"Best degreaser I have ever used and it smells lovely!!" (Unloob:It degreaser)

"Good product... ...good business ethic, good luck!" (Unloob:It)

"Superb for degreasing. Even cleaned my sponge! I recommended this product" (Unloob:It)

"Cleen:It's biggest challenge yet - half dried Brechfa cement-soil! Job done nicely. Nice bouquet too!" (Cleen:It bike wash)

"I want to emigrate to wales, and I love you" (errm, we're just glad you're happy with your Bike Care Bundle!)

"Great product. Buy with confidence!!" (Unloob:It)

"Great quality" (Loob:It chain lube)

"Very good service"

"I really like this stuff!"

"I would like to say thank you for refunding me for the shorts and postage. ...I'm very pleased with the customer service. I look forward to shopping with you in the future"

"Excellent and fast delivery"

"Great product great service"

"Worked really well - thanks!"

"Big thx for a prompt service, to all my friends that ride go check out his web site or FB page for your bike care needs - best go and sort the bikes out!"

So, where's all the bad stuff then?? The moans, the complaints, the ones that didn't work out? Well we're really pleased to be able to report that we've had no cross words yet from our lovely customers. But rest assured that if and when we do, we won't be printing them here! Come on, we're not stupid...

If you want to give us some feedback - good or bad (but see above...) then we'd love to hear from you.

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