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Loob:It chain lube

LOOB:IT bike chain lube is designed to keep chains running smoothly and other components moving freely in all conditions. It's ideal for UK riding conditions for use on and off the road, in the wet and in the dry, winter and summer. And it comes in a generously-sized 350ml round bottle.

Perfect for chains, derailleurs, shifters, seat-clamps, cables and SPD pedals. Thin enough to penetrate but with essential tackiness to ensure tenacity, Loob:It will protect your chain for mile after mile by reducing friction, repelling moisture and preventing corrosion.

We're often amazed at how little lube you get in a tiny bottle considering how much it costs. Sure those little bottles are great for fitting into pockets, but pound for pound some of them must be more expensive than myrrh! So we use a large 350ml bottle - around three times the size of what you'll get for the same money from many well-known bike lube brands. And we've filled it with a top-quality synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant specifically formulated for bikes by a top UK oil specialist.

Size: 350ml

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LOOB:IT - single (350ml)   £5.50
LOOB:IT - three pack   £15.00

What's in Loob:It?

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that this is a synthetic oil-based lubricant, sometimes referred to generically as 'wet' lube. Some riders prefer wax-based 'dry' lubes, while others like to use wet lubes in damp conditions and dry lubes when it's sunny and dusty. And then there are the specialist additives like ceramic particles used in some bike lubes - in fact there are so many different flavours of lube out there that it's a wonder anyone sleeps at night for worrying about using the right one.

Now we're well aware that selling bike lube is a bit like wading into a religious debate where everyone has their own unique and opposing view. In the words of the late great Sheldon Brown, "experts disagree on this subject, sometimes bitterly... ...much vituperative invective has been uttered in this regard between different schismatic cults." But bear with us here...

If you're a die-hard dry lube proponent then we're not going to tell you you're wrong. And if you've got a lube collection that looks like the spirits shelf in a bar then that's fine too. But here's the thing - we just keep our chains reasonably clean and use Loob:It all year round. It works for us.

Directions for use

Apply Loob:It sparingly onto the inside of the rollers on a clean dry chain, turning the pedals backwards slowly to ensure complete coverage. Allow a bit of time to penetrate then wipe off any excess, 'strings' and drips with a clean dry rag, spreading Loob:It onto all other parts of the chain. Avoid any contact with braking surfaces (obviously).

De-grease badly gunked chains with Unloob:It citrus degreaser first.

What our (real) customers say

"I am totally won over by this stuff, great value, fast delivery, high quality."

We had great fun making up our pretend 'rider testimonals' for our products, but we do get some real feedback from real customers. Read more about what they have to say about us and our products - big thanks guys!

View our How-To Video - Gracie demonstrates how to lube your chain!

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