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Tools and accessories

FIX IT! Some of the guys we ride with use nothing more than sticks and rocks to maintain their bikes, and seem to be able to fix almost any mid-ride mechanical with a well-aimed tap or a bit of gentle levering.

For those of us who have to make do with tools, here's a handful of bits 'n' bobs to help you keep your bike on the road. Or on the dirt. All at excellent prices.

Red Devils Puncture PatchesWeldtite Red Devils self-seal puncture patch kit

These Weldtite Red Devils self-adhesive patches are perfect for quickly and easily repairing a punctured tube.

They're simple to use - just stick one over the puncture. No messy glues or solvents needed. Great for fast and reliable puncture repairs whether you're out on the road, up on the trails or just fixing your bike at home.

Six strong self-adhesive patches per pack  £1.75

Cyclo Reinforced Nylon Tyre LeversCyclo reinforced nylon tyre levers

These strong plastic tyre levers by Cyclo are made of reinforced nylon to prevent damage to your wheel rims. They're rigid enough to unseat or re-seat the most stubborn of tyres, and their snap-together design keeps the set together when you're not using them. A spoke hook on the end of each lever helps no end if you don't have three hands!

Three reinforced levers per set  £1.35

Ten piece multitoolTen piece multitool

Light and compact, this keenly-priced little multitool will easily fit into a pocket or backpack. It has seven hex keys (sizes: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm), a flat-head and a phillips screwdriver, and a T25 torx key (ideal for brake discs and some chainrings). Perfect for maintenance and repairs when you're out on the road or trail.

Ten piece multitool  £6.50

Weldtite puncture repair kitWeldtite puncture repair kit

An 'old-school' puncture repair kit, just like you used when you were a kid.

Get real job satisfaction from repairing your tubes neatly and permanently - at a fraction of the price of a new tube. Includes glue, sandpaper and patches - two large and four small. Save money, reduce waste and help protect the environment!

Puncture repair kit  £1.30

Red Devils patches - 1 pack   £1.75
Red Devils patches - 3 packs   £4.50
Tyre lever set   £1.35
Ten piece multitool   £6.50
Puncture repair kit   £1.30

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