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Cleen:It Bike Wash

TOOB:IT? Errrmm... nope. Just inner tubes. Good quality reliable inner tubes in popular sizes at always-low everyday prices.

Among the least exciting bike accessories known to man, inner tubes are a cycling essential for most of us. Which is probably why we resent paying a fiver or more for them in most bike shops. Sure, there's often a deal to be had somewhere on the web with an eye-catching price for an unpopular size - especially 26" MTB. Then you click on the size you actually want and the price magically changes. Or they're all sold out.

Once upon a time cyclists carried something called 'puncture kits' which could reputedly fix a flat. But now this ancient art has been lost most cyclists deal with punctures by sticking a new tube in and binning the old one (or, if you're like us, putting the old one into a 'to be repaired' pile before binning it a year later). So it's nice to be able to buy a few spares without breaking the bank. Of course, if you'd like to try your hand at ye olde puncture repares then we sell kits for that too.


Presta valve Car type valve

Are they any good?

Is there such thing as a 'good' or 'bad' inner tube, or should you always buy on price?

Well, leaving aside the worst of the dodgy rubbish that's just not fit for purpose (some eBay 'bargains', for example), we're of the opinion that there's probably not much in it. Certainly, the most expensive tubes out there don't obviously seem to offer any advantages over some of the cheaper ones.

When it comes to puncture prevention, tyre choice is often more important. If you want to avoid pinch flats on a mountain bike then go for reinforced sidewalls such as dual ply, 'exo' protection or snakeskin. And run them at the right pressure. If it's thorns and nails you want to beat then choose a 'plus' type tyre with a built-in puncture-protection insert - or fit tyre liners.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's few rider opinions we found around the web:

"I have found no difference in one brand of tubes versus another of the same type. They all puncture easily once an object gets past the tyre."
"I use $3 tubes. I've tried them all and I see no difference."
"Surely the tyre matters much more than the tube?"
"I suspect tube brands are more similar to each other than anyone would imagine."

Sure, if every gram counts then go for a premium ultra-light tube. And if you want to add some baler twine to your belt and braces, by all means fit a super-thick DH tube. Otherwise, we reckon you're as well buying our 'quality basics' tubes and pocketing the difference.

What our (real) customers say

We had great fun making up our pretend 'rider testimonals' for our products, but we do get some real feedback from real customers. Read more about what they have to say about us and our products - big thanks guys!

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