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Unloob:It Degreaser

UNLOOB:IT powerful citrus-based degreaser is designed to remove heavy deposits from chains and other drive-train components. Formulated from natural citrus fruit extracts, Unloob:It works fast to break down and dissolve unwanted build-up of oil, grease and grime. Non-flammable, deep penetrating, pleasant smelling and water soluble.

Suitable for direct application to chains and gears, or for use in chain-cleaning devices. Can also be used for de-greasing other bike components and for cleaning built-up grime off frames. Rinses off easily with water.

Effective degreasers were once blends of various fairly nasty petrochemical products - stuff like mineral spirits and acetone. Then along came orange terpene, a natural product extracted from waste orange peel. Much less toxic than mineral spirits and chlorinated solvents, orange terpene is non-caustic, non-carcinogenic and doesn't react with metal. It's biodegradable, non-ozone depleting and - when blended with other ingredients to make degreasers like Unloob:It - non-flammable and water soluble.

Size: 500ml (ready to use)

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UNLOOB:IT - single (500ml)   £4.50
UNLOOB:IT - three pack   £12.00

Why degrease your chain?

Well, if you clean your bike regularly with general purpose bike wash like Cleen:It then you may seldom need to. But miss just a couple of cleans and the lube on your chain and gears starts thickening, emulsifying, darkening and collecting dirt, fine particles of sand and other harmful gunk. In short, the life-giving chain lube becomes a life-shortening grinding paste that can be just too tough for ordinary bike wash products to penetrate - only a specialist degreaser will do. Above all remember - there's no point lubricating a dirty bike chain.

Keeping your chain and drive-train components free of grime will help to extend their life and ensure that they always perform at their best.

Directions for use

Spray directly onto chains and gears, slowly turning the pedals backwards until the whole chain is covered. Work it in with a brush, sponge or cloth. Leave for up to 15 minutes to penetrate and dissolve the grease, then rinse off thoroughly with fresh water. Repeat if necessary for any really stubborn grime, then dry the chain and apply some lube. Unloob:It can also be used in chain-cleaning devices - follow the directions for the device you're using.

For best results degrease dirty drive-train components before rinsing or washing your bike.

Clean the rest of your bike with Cleen:It bike wash and then use Loob:It chain lube afterwards to keep things running smoothly.

Unloob:It is much safer than most traditional solvents. Remember though it's still a powerful product that is irritating to eyes and can be irritating to skin, so always take sensible precautions when storing and using it.

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